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Warren Design & Build was founded in 2014 by Adam Sarson with two employees, Loyd Miller, General Manager and Lee Pettry. It was started as an answer to the void left when Astro Technical Services closed. Warren Design & Build is located at the same location and with the same employees. The business has served customers like: Delphi, Donaldson, Design Molded Plastics, Dillen, Tecnocap, Akron Rubber, RTI, Genie Garage Door, Laszeray and Applied Vision. The company specializes in designing and building automation for manufacturing. Warren Design & Build takes ideas and makes them reality in the manufacturing sector. We currently have 5 design engineers with over 100 years combined experience. The machine shop and build team has similar experience making Warren Design & Build the perfect solution for your automation, build and machine shop needs.
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As we approach the holidays

18 Nov As we approach the holidays

The growth ride keeps moving, both with customer orders and with new people joining the organization.  We now have a live backlog of $2,000,000 in orders, which is spectacular for us as a new 5 month old company.  What may be even more amazing is the level of talented people we have also managed to gather.  We are now at 10 engineers (no, our site picture page is not reflecting that yet.).  We also have an extremely talented group of machinists and assembly people.  Our employee total is now 21 people.

What are we working on?  Automation in the automotive sector continues to be our biggest customer.  However, where it previously represented approximately 90% of our business, it now represents about 50%.  Where else are we having success?  companies that do the following:  plastic injection molding, Titanium handling, food processing, packaging, steel manufacturing, pallet handling.  The lists goes on.

How can we assist you?  Let us know where your manufacturing operation needs improvement and we will design a solution that fits your needs.

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