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Warren Design & Build was founded in 2014 by Adam Sarson with two employees, Loyd Miller, General Manager and Lee Pettry. It was started as an answer to the void left when Astro Technical Services closed. Warren Design & Build is located at the same location and with the same employees. The business has served customers like: Delphi, Donaldson, Design Molded Plastics, Dillen, Tecnocap, Akron Rubber, RTI, Genie Garage Door, Laszeray and Applied Vision. The company specializes in designing and building automation for manufacturing. Warren Design & Build takes ideas and makes them reality in the manufacturing sector. We currently have 5 design engineers with over 100 years combined experience. The machine shop and build team has similar experience making Warren Design & Build the perfect solution for your automation, build and machine shop needs.
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Starting 2015 with a Huge lift

08 Jan Starting 2015 with a Huge lift

The holidays for us here had a couple of shortened weeks, but nonetheless productive.  We closed out 2014 with lots of growth opportunities, better utilization  of our people and a team that has gone through a tremendous learning curve.  We finished multiple projects for new customers.  We finished with 11 engineers on staff, 5 of which are full time designers.   We finished with 6 machinists and 2 assembly people.  So, zero to 20 people in the first six months.  Not a bad start, but the best is yet to come!!!

The first week of 2015 started with 2 of our biggest orders to date and we will finish design and start these two builds in January.  Our machinists are completely full with work from 10 new customers and our assembly team continues to get busier.

We need talent.  We need talented mechanical design people.  We need people that are familiar with design automation.  We also need electrical engineers. Our goal is to hire 10 more engineers this year.  We need between 3 and 5 immediately on the mechanical design automation side.  2015 is starting off with unbelievable growth.  If you have a resume that fits what I have described, or know someone that might fit, please forward it to me at

Thanks and Happy New year

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